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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Normandy, France

Our first stop in France and more learning. We picked a four star campground but quickly learned what that means to us. We are at the end of the shoulder season and much of the tourist stuff is closing or closed. The campground is slightly outside of town with no public transit. It’s like a destination resort with its own bar, restaurant, pool and playground. Now it’s all closed and we felt like we were holding them up from taking their holidays.
At least we were close to the beach. A short walk brought us to a beach infested with some sort of jumping crab-fly. Probably our shortest stay at a beach. A long walk to some mediocre food convinced us to make it a short stay. The free Wifi was the only redeeming quality.
We bought a second-hand accordion in Amsterdam and are able to put our piano lessons to good use. Ben is polishing a mournful dirge while I work on Fur Elise. That’s kinda fun....


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