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Sunday, February 04, 2007


Our flat in Firenze was a few steps from a main plaza, Piazzala Della Signoria. Florence is a great walking city and this put us in the middle of it. We spent two weeks enjoying the museums, streets and buildings.

Our stay here deserves so much more description then we’re going to give it. We couldn’t charge the camera battery so we didn’t take pictures for most of the time. As I write this, it’s been two weeks since we were there.

It was a great stay in a great city. There were no lines for the museums and we often had rooms to ourselves. We got to know the area and a few people. Marusca took us to a dinner theater with her husband and daughter. We saw the chef make fun of the diners and how much food they ate. The entertainment included a parody of tourists of different nationalities. The american described everything as “wonderful, wonderful wonderful”. We do that now too.

We had wifi problems throughout Italy. Marusca fought with the Italian telecom almost everyday. She finally succeeded after 4 weeks (two weeks after we left). There was a free hot spot in an Irish pub but they couldn’t get it to work. The password was “missing” in our first flat. We used the Internet Train cafe which was a brightly lit hallway with shoulder to shoulder terminals. At least it was close to our flat.
Many of our days included a morning of homeschooling, an afternoon of a museum and an evening stroll with internet time. There was plenty of gelato mixed in.

And we did see the fashion models. It was a men’s fashion show and we saw a group of models out walking one night. One looked familiar. I think I’ve seen pictures of him in his undies.



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