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Friday, March 23, 2007


hello, nice of you to stop and read this blog, THIS ONE IS BY BEN!!!! Thank you.

so, you are wondering probably why I named this blog entry “THE CALCIFICATION VACATION”, we are currently in Hieropols , and not too far away are the travertine pools, a vast place of wonder once occupied by romans, and as usual they left there ruins. Look at some of our pictures , imagine what its like . Now a imagine that all the natural pools of pure white water are clogged by a mass of speedo donning, sunburnt, 60 to 70 year old mainly american and british tourists, all wearing sunglasses. Yes, I too let out a scream of horror. Luckily , this Hichcock-like scenario was the demon of a few years ago. When we went most of it had signs saying that you can only WALK here,without shoes. Ahh it was great. after our second day we went to a ancient roman bath, which was amazing.

Look at the photos of my and mom in that pool. That was the roman bath, it was a hot spring with chunks of old roman tooled stone architecture. Although there was the occasional piece of floating algae, there was also a kind of algae underwater that felt like VERY slippery wet plush carpet. It was also a natural history lesson, If you look closely at the pics of the pure white of the travertine pools, you can see a strange pattern, this is caused by archae bacteria, and it is a great way to see something amazing (the pure water ) and something amazing (the strange shape of the bacteria colonizing we loved it.

read the blog more often, its good for your health-ben dane


  • At 11:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    What do you mean - read the blog more often? Some of us are checking it every day. Nice pix and descriptions Ben. love, Sylvia

  • At 9:53 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    What I want to know--how come you are the only ones in that wonderful looking bacteria pool????? Mark you look great and very happy--keep up the great pictures and, Ben --we do look everyday--just dont comment all the time. Love your blog Ben.


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