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Monday, August 06, 2007

A Short Tale of Travels

We left Lago di Garda to meet up again with Wolfgang and Astrid near Munich. We had a great week with them, enjoying the museums, drinking the beers and hiking a rock outcropping. The pinnacle was so steep, there were steel cables and metal bars fixed to the rock to keep you from pitching off the face.

Jules was at her adrenaline limit on this hike. Our great pictures were lost when our camera’s memory card died. Instead Ben and I collaborated on an image of her. We tried to capture her nonchalant fear.

From Munich we spent a few wet days in the Black Forest. Lovely waterfalls and picturesque wooded valleys. We replaced our lost camera charger and could start taking pictures again. The next were back in the dwarf Beech tree forest in Champagne.

We spent our last night on the continent in two hotel rooms in Calais. We booked the first with the help of the local tourist bureau. It featured splattered wall decor, cool water showers, bugs in the bed, junkies on the side street and a warning about parking the car where they get broken into (yes we have a garage, sorry it’s full).

The last straw came while using the nearest internet location. It was a bar with tightly clad young girls and a huge scar faced man. Cigarette smoke and whisky wrapped up in a deserted island theme. We couldn’t do the trip planning we needed to do there and we put Calais down as the worst city of the trip.

Jules got our money back and found us a nearby hotel with wireless in the room. Not charming but junkie-free.

We turned in our Kango the next morning, ferried across to Dover and headed through London out west to Devon....


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