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Thursday, November 02, 2006


We camped for all of October, pretty much looking like this. An awning with a couple of sheets gives us some privacy, protection from the rain and makes us look like gypsies (we think). We use the built-in appliances and cabinets to cook and store our food. The heavy dish cleaning is done in a campground sink.
We’ve become fond of breakfast in the van, lunch in town and dinner and a movie in the van. There are great tratieurs or caterers that prepare meal fixings ready to be warmed and eaten. These include soups, meats in sauces, and great side dishes. This has been a fun way to enjoy the local gourmet food without the difficulties and expense of a late restaurant meal.
The other choice for dinners is buying and cooking ourselves. Ideally, this is done after hitting a street market or at least a few specialty shops. While there are lots of top quality ingredients our favorites so far are the mushrooms. They are fresh (and dirty) and varied.
When I wanted to make one of our favorite dishes, fried fish filets, I selected a meaty, white fish called congre. In my baby french, I asked for a kilo. The fishmonger pulled out a piece and it just kept coming. She weighed this three inch by three foot long piece and it was near a kilo. I was too deep into it to back out so I asked her to remove some and happily bought it. It wasn’t till I bought a cookbook that afternoon that I realized it was a type of eel. It was tasty.

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