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Thursday, February 22, 2007


I love Paris in the Springtime, I love Paris in the Fall, I love Paris in the winter when it drizzles...have yet to be here in Summer though.
It is our good fortune to be in town for an exhibition of Herge, creator of Tin Tin stories! The Pompidieu Center provided this show for free, guess there really is no question you won’t be buying a Tin Tin or two before you depart. We also enjoyed the contemporary art collection in the upper floor that was recently remodeled in chronological order of art movements. An excellent way to spend a homeschool day (poor Ben)!
Am I the last to realize that looking towards the Arc de Triomphe (de l’Etoile) from the Louvre Museum, you can see a straight line (called the Triumphal Way) of big-deal Paris sites? Makes sense in the light that this museum was once the royal residence, before the French Revolution. Now, a modern-looking glass pyramid designed by IM Pei, sits in the courtyard and looking West, framed by another arch with pink columns built by Napoleon Bonaparte, you see the Tuileries gardens; a 3300 year-old egyptian obelisk; and Place De La Concorde, where the king and queen of France met “La Guillotine”.
There is a museum fashioned from famous scientist Pasteur’s lab that turned out rather more interesting than we had thought it would. Original glassware and collections of medals (there is not much Pasteur missed) in addition to his body--entombed in the basement along with extensive mosaics and marble work. This is a shot of the mad dogs he faced researching the rabies vaccine.
For those out there feeling poor Ben is constantly beseiged not only by parents and museums, here is another data point for you: He was driven out of a french playground by a pack of ravenous toddlers bent on destruction of his sand creations but it didn’t kill his appetite for delightful escargots!


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