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Thursday, March 29, 2007


We’re spending a week here in Istanbul at the Metropolis Hostel at the tip of a peninsula. It’s easy walking around to the mosques, museums, the Grand Bazaar, restaurants and the ferry dock.

The first picture shows an underground Roman cistern. This was recently discovered and restored. They did a pretty nice job of lighting it. There’s even a nice cafe for tea.

They sell pretzels for cheap on the streets. Along with lots of other goodies like baklava, lookum (Turkish Delight) and yogurt with honey.

Turkey and the city of Istanbul are in Europe and Asia. We took a ferry up the Bosphorus bouncing between both continents. That’s Europe off of Ben’s shoulder while my head blocks Asia.

Ben enjoys Turkish keyfit on the roof of the Metropolis Hostel, overlooking the Sea of Marmaris.

Authentic Trojan Horse reproduction in the Istanbul Archaeology Museum show cases the bickering between Anatolia and Greece eight centuries before Jesus Christ.


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