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Monday, April 09, 2007

Clocks and Whips

We’re seeing a lot of public clocks of unusual design. The Hebrew one runs counterclockwise, presumably since Hebrew is read right to left. The other is an astronomical clock showing planet positions, a sky map and death (skeleton) with its non-stop hour glass. There's also an astronomical clock made during communist times. It features industrial workers and farmers as the characters.

Here in Olomouc in Eastern Czech Republic we are having a few recuperating days over the Easter holiday. The Czech’s are celebrating with what must be a pagan rite. The males look for females to slap on the behinds with their decorated willow sticks. The women are then supposed to give them an egg (or perhaps the egg forestalls the beating). In any case, there were many more males visible than females. We only saw one “attack”.


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