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Monday, August 13, 2007

The Orkney Islands

The Orkney Islands lie just miles off the Northern tip of Scotland (what others refer to as UK). Perhaps one of the last beads in the string of ancient history we have been creating for a year, and though difficult to get to it was a delight to attain.

Time restricted our visit to the main island but it was a rich trove that included rings of huge standing stones erected almost 5000 years ago, a prehistoric scottish village in pristine shape predating the pyramids, and a burial mound so old that vikings left graffiti inside it when they were bored. When viewed under a glowering sky (weather in Scotland is intensely moody) and surrounded by fields of heather, it is magical.

We had ambitions to see more of the island the next day but were lured to the seashore--some of us needed less luring than others--where we spent hours admiring the rocky coastline and dead gorgeous seaweeds, sand and waves. Back at our hotel, it seemed there would be ample time to sip whisky in the wood and leather pub after yet another sticky toffee pudding, alas, the hiking took its toll and we slept soundly with only Orkney ale in our bellies (Ben drank squash).


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