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Saturday, April 28, 2007


Ben and I spent 6 days in Budapest (Jules was in Romania for most of the time), eating goulash and ice cream, drinking good beer and learning more about humanity’s finest moments.

The aptly named Terror Museum shows the brief reign of the German and Hungarian Nazi parties and the 40 year reign of Communism. The Nazis killed Jews and other unwanteds through disastrous labor and extermination camps. The communists turned he people on themselves. In the name of self-preservation, they turned in their friends, neighbors and family members. One “hero” was a little boy who turned in his father. Others were told to emulate him.

Communism is referred to as a “coup” that was defeated by a revolution in ‘89. The Russians used tanks to quell revolutions in the 50’s. They removed benevolent leaders and installed ruthless ones to keep control.

Once they left, their statues were removed. Many are in a statue park that makes them look silly. Their remaining war memorials have been modified to remove the names of their dead. I can see they are getting mad about this now in Estonia.

Current day Hungary is pretty, friendly and vibrant. We had a fine time.....


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